Hidden allergens
the inability to unthink unintentionally thought-of ideas
the age of a given stain
the etymology of cultch
envelopes designed to not stay properly shut
the appropriate use of ain’t
all-out global war
not knowing which is preferable
a rock, or the idea of a rock?

Goodnight Pokiok Falls.
Goodnight Madame Chartier.
Goodnight Ghost Rock.
Goodnight ghosts.
Goodnight rocks.
Goodnight to saying goodnight.

Excerpt from The Mirror Refrigerator, presented at centre des arts Skol, April 2013

Voice 1:  sometimes there are objects that are not food

Voice 2: wrapped or unwrapped?

Voice 1:  it depends

Voice 3: large amounts of cloth

Voice 1: or small amounts

Voice 2: dust is an object

Voice 1: what does it matter if it is an object or not?

Voice 3: it doesn't

Voice 2: well, not for the moment, anyway

Voice 1: in any case, there were lots of them, lots of different shapes

Voice 2: henagons, digons, triangles and the rest

Voice 3: circular-looking heptagons

Voice 1: a few more formless-looking things too

Voice 2: those things always have a form, no?

shovel fell in the hole it dug

when will this rash go away some other time hunter gatherers hoard seeds live in a hut whole lot of them nothing more to say to each other except we ate the rest of them à la carte half the cholesterol no more chicken à la king loses weight his weight in feathers

You are compelled to extricate yourself from a present constraint or difficulty. However, figuring out how to extricate yourself sooner or later becomes a new difficulty, and the place to where you have extricated yourself turns out to be a new constraint. Eventually, the process of extricating yourself from the new difficulty eclipses the memory of the old one. This, in turn, leads to an even newer and more difficult constraint. In time, the intervals between the increasingly frequent periods of extrication become shorter and shorter, until there is little or no separation between them. Ultimately, you find yourself involved in a ceaseless course of extrication which itself you are not able to extricate yourself from except to other even more difficult and constrained courses of overarching extrication. None of this is a reason to get upset or discouraged, however. If you were not involved in these courses of overarching extrication you would have nothing to do except for masturbating and watching TV. This extrication and the difficulties and constraints that it engenders constitute the base material of a rich and fulfilling life.

From The Coming Envelope Issue 2 edited by Malcolm Sutton 

November 2010:
"The production and distribution of independent publications"
text in Palimpsest publication A ZINE IS A ZINE IS A ZINE